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Opaque means "opaque" or "impermeable to light", both in the concrete and in the abstract sense. Metal is the only material that remains opaque at any thickness. The label "Atelier Opak" was founded by Fabienne Wüthrich in 2020 and again reflects her fascination and love for metal. 


For owner Fabienne, perfect craftsmanship is the basis for perfect and elegant design. She creates unique pieces of jewelry that not only delight the wearer, but also endure and inspire throughout their lifetime. Jewelery gains its value by wearing it, which is why a high standard of quality and materials is essential. For this reason, the "Atelier Opak" label works with the most precious of all metals and expressive gemstones from fair sources. The designs have a clear design language, are timelessly simple and at the same time convince with a unique, contemporary touch.


The small series were all designed and created by Fabienne. Nature, architecture, art and cultural history serve as sources of inspiration. From the sketch to the finalization of the pieces, there are countless steps in which new things are added and existing ones are discarded or changed - until the usual design and quality standards are guaranteed.


All pieces are made by hand in the lovingly furnished goldsmith's studio in Herzogenbuchsee BE. The metals used come from Swiss refineries and consist of recycled precious metals. The desired products can also be made in Fairtrade gold or silver or made from your own old gold or old silver. Stones and pearls are also bought from Swiss dealers, who vouch for their fair extraction and production.


Fabienne started her creative career with Gudrun Jantzen in Hamburg and the magazine "Schöner Wohnen". This was followed by classic goldsmith training in Switzerland. During her jewelry design studies at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, she fulfilled her long-standing dream and founded the label «Atelier Opak» in 2020. 

In August 2022 Fabienne opened her new studio at Bernstrasse 15 in 3360 Herzogenbuchsee.

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