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Designing high-quality eyeglass frames that can be passed on, resold and reworked is in demand again. I want my glasses to retain their value and last a long time. The glasses I individually manufacture are developed with the technical sophistication of a goldsmith and the know-how of a product designer. For the frames, I prefer natural, well-aged materials that gain in quality and appreciation with each remodeling or repair. A modular eyewear system becomes an unmistakable oneunique.  

At the moment I am working on improvements to the glasses so that they are optimized as soon as possible.

Attention: If you wish to purchase glasses - please send us an email. The glasses are then handcrafted exactly according to your wishes and measurements.




The glasses are not only the medium, but also the object of vision. It's not just framed lenses that are used to correct ametropia. Its eye-catching effect makes it a public display. At the same time, it is also a hiding place behind which the wearer can hide. Similar to a mask, it can be donned and alter one's consciousness and view of the world. The glasses emphasize the personality of the wearer and emphasize the character, they can give a different look or emphasize the existing look. The glasses should help the wearer to see, protect them and give them the desired personality.


The work "Jewels in front of the eyes" is intended to eliminate the separation between glasses and jewelry and to present new solutions. It stands for unique, handmade spectacle frames that are manufactured in-house or in individual cooperation with the customer. The project characterizes sustainability, quality craftsmanship and changeable design. The focus is on longevity, changeability, the history of origin, the individual meaning and the value of each individual frame.


For the manufacturer, perfect craftsmanship is the basis for perfect and elegant design. She creates unique frames that not only delight the wearer, but last and inspire throughout their lifetime. Just like jewellery, eyeglass frames gain in value through wear, which is why the owner is rewarded for wearing them for a long time. Each eyeglass frame, which is manufactured using traditional goldsmith and silversmith techniques, changes over time into an unmistakable individual piece due to surface changes and signs of use. The various add-ons that can be purchased make the glasses adaptable and changeable. Each pair of glasses gets its very own story through the materials used and wearing. 


All parts of the glasses can be exchanged, modified or repaired if necessary. For this reason, a high standard of quality and materials is essential. The designer works with metals and natural materials such as wood, horn, pearls and precious stones that have already been processed or from fair sources. 


The one-offs or small series with the unique selling point of complete interchangeability were all specially designed and created. From the sketch to the finalization of the pieces, countless steps take place, in which new things are added and existing ones are discarded or changed - until the design and quality standards are guaranteed.


All pieces were created by hand in the lovingly furnished goldsmith's studio in Rütschelen in the canton of Bern. and at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. The precious metals used come from Swiss refineries and consist of recycled old gold or old silver. The chrome steel comes from industrial waste. The bronze was turned from an old ship's propeller. Stones, pearls and mother-of-pearl are reused from old jewelery or objects or bought from Swiss dealers who guarantee their fair extraction and production. Waste wood from Swiss forests was used for the wooden elements. The spectacle frames are completely interchangeable and can be equipped with both sun and corrective lenses and changed at any time.

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